Registration deadline: October 26th 2017

You can enter one or more divisions (1A, X-Division).

Application form

Music upload

Before uploading your freestyle music file/s, please rename the file/s to following format: DIVISION_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_ARTIST-SONGNAME.mp3 (Artist and song name are required because of SOZA). In case of preliminary round, upload one file for prelim and one file for finals with folowing format: 1min_DIVISION_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_ARTIST-SONGNAME.mp3 and 3min_DIVISION_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_ARTIST-SONGNAME.mp3. Music must be in mp3 format. Upload all music files for all divisions that you are competing. Click on "Upload file/files". Maximum allowed file size is 10 MB.

Music file name examples:
  • 1min_1A_John_Smith_Michael_Jackson-Bad.mp3
  • 3min_1A_John_Smith_Michael_Jackson-Thriller.mp3
  • 1A_SEMI_John_Smith_Michael_Jackson-Thriller.mp3
  • X_John_Smith_The_Eagles-Hotel_California.mp3

Uploading music:

This upload form can be used without the need of filling out the application, for example, if you don't know what song to use in your freestyle, but you want to register. You can come to this site anytime and upload your file/s named in the way described above.

If you upload your music, you help us make the reservation process faster. Please bring your music file also to the contest on USB flash drive.